Beaver Scouts

For Boys and Girls Aged 6 to 8

Beaver Scouts typically meet once a week during school terms. At  meetings they play team games and learn Scouting skills like hiking, camping, knots, first aid, cooking and more. Beavers go on outdoor adventures – walks, treasure hunts, one or two night camps, litter-picking, parading on Saint Patrick’s Day, slumber parties in hostels or Scout Dens and more.

Children of this age love the outdoors. National events for Beavers include JamÓige – a camp held every four years for Beavers and Cubs. There are also events run at Scout County level and at Scout Province level.

From Jan 25th 2023 our Beaver Section will meet from 1800 to 1900 every Wednesday.

Adventure Set

Beavers have and Memory Bag to store mementoes from their adventures in, a map to record their progress as they move through Beavers and on to Cub Scouts and an adventure book to give them ideas of activities that they may want to do!

The Tribe

A Beaver Colony is known as a Tribe. There are three ranks in the Tribe that correspond to the stages of a Beaver Scout Journey: Bree meaning Noble (Year 1), Ruarc meaning Champion (Year 2) and Conn meaning Chief (year 3). The Beavers progress individually through the ranks of the Tribe and along their own personal journey under the guidance of Adult Scouters.